Puella, lash academy, studio and shop is a beauty salon located in Carinthia. We deal with lengthening and thickening eyelashes, curling natural eyelashes, arranging eyebrows, coloring eyebrows with henna and make-up.


Puella means girl, so woman. Everyone who wants to add extra charm to their beauty is invited to the salon.

Puello was founded by Tina Sklepič, a graduate nurse in the first place and a professional lash stylist and trainer for eyelash extensions, who studied at the world-famous academy Flawless lashes by Loreta, located in the UK.

The Flawless Lashes by Loreta brand is a well-known brand of extremely high-quality products intended for professional stylists of artificial eyelashes.

Under their name and under the guidance of Tina, the salon also offers courses in classic eyelash extensions, initial and advanced volume eyelash extensions, and a natural eyelash curling course.

With us, customers are always taken care of so that they are in the first place, that they feel relaxed and that they get exactly what they want. We want to emphasize the beauty of each individual individually, so that the eyelashes, eyebrows or make-up are tailored to each individual individually, according to preferences.

In the salon we use the highest quality materials on the market, so that our customers are in safe hands.

We take care of you:

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Tina Šuler started her career in eyelash extensions back in 2014. From an early age, she was fascinated by the art of make-up. But she was always attracted to everything that was different and interesting. When Tina started with eyelash extensions, it was something completely new for Slovenia. It opened its salon in 2015, and so far has completed more than 13 courses from around the world.

Tina is an incorrigible perfectionist and enjoys beautifying her clients. Wanting to offer customers something more, she decided to become an ambassador, distributor and exclusive educator of the prestigious world-famous brand Lash Industry – Flawless Lashes by Loreta. As a mentor of eyelash extension and curling courses, I would like to teach my mentees proper, healthy and professional eyelash extension and curling. It has also allowed her to be in regular contact with the latest trends that are spreading in the beauty world with the speed of light and the latest eyelash extension techniques. All this, of course, with the highest quality products from the Lash Industry.


Špela Rošer started her journey in the salon in 2019. She deals with eyelash extensions and thickening, eyebrow dyeing with henna and make-up. Her journey in the salon is fresh, but the joy of beauty has existed since time immemorial. Beauty services have inspired her since childhood.

Špela has a master’s degree in management, worked in her profession for a while and then found that this is what brings her the most joy in life – that she can beautify her clients and emphasize their natural beauty even more.

Špela does her work with heart and positive energy. He is aware of how important it is for clients to feel good in the salon and in their own skin. She has done several make-up courses and regularly follows the latest trends around the world.

Also, her path is evolving extremely fast as she learns quickly and progresses day by day.

Špela Rošer, Puella, Lash stylist

Our services:


Classic eyelash extensions
Eyelash extension volume
The combination of eyelash extensions enanaena volume
Lifting natural lashes


In the salon we offer eyebrow shaping with henna, eyebrow shaping with wax, eyebrow shaping with tweezers and classic eyebrow coloring.


In our salon we offer eyebrow dyeing with henna. Henna is a natural eyebrow color that is also suitable for clients sensitive to plain eyebrow color.

Properties of our henna:

  • It contains more than 70% natural ingredients
  • not tested on animals
  • it is applied without the addition of hydrogen peroxide
  • does not contain ammonia
  • vegan product

With henna we achieve a denser and fuller look. Henna lasts on the skin for 5 to 15 days and on the hair for up to 4 weeks. Henna stimulates hair growth, strengthens and thickens it. With regular use, your eyebrows will be significantly thicker and more beautiful. Henna is suitable for everyone who wants beautiful and tidy eyebrows without daily eyebrow shading.

When dyeing eyebrows with henna, we adjust the colors and measurements to each individual according to the face, skin type and hair color.

Eyebrow dyeing with henna


Eyebrow lamination eyebrow shaping with special serums that soften the hair, as a result the hair is manageable and can be combed into the desired shape.
It is intended for everyone who wants thicker and bushy eyebrows.
The procedure is also ideal for clients who want to tame their eyebrows, give them a nicer shape and a fuller look, or hide imperfections.
Also, the eyebrow lamination process achieves eyebrow symmetry as it corrects the shape of the eyebrows, regardless of whether the hair is curled, straight or protruding.
We also paint the eyebrows during the procedure.
SERVICE eyebrow lamination


In our salon we perform make-up for all occasions. With us, the emphasis is on emphasizing the beauty of the client and hiding irregularities. Our MAKE UP products are of exceptional quality and have been proven to stay in place all day and all night.

We offer:

  • daily makeup
  • evening make-up
  • wedding makeup

We also offer individual counseling. We pay individual attention to the client, listen to the client’s wishes and advise according to the wishes, skin type and face shape.

Makeup Puella

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