Not only well-groomed eyelashes, but also well-groomed eyebrows are a must for summer. It is even better if we do not have daily work by arranging eyebrows and thus save more time for summer adventures. ?

You’ve probably already read the blog about the benefits of extended lashes in the summer. What about the benefits of eyebrow dyeing with henna in the summer?

Now I will introduce you to the advantage of using henna in the summer.

What is henna anyway?

eyebrow shaping with henna

Ground henna powder. Public Domain,

Henna is a natural color obtained by grinding the leaves of Lawsonia inermis (Henna). Henna or the henna tree thrives in subtropical places such as Africa and India.

K ana was originally used thousands of years ago as a natural dye for body painting. It symbolized blessings and drove away evil spirits. At first, people believed that body painting cooled their body, but then they started making various patterns on their body. The more complicated they were, the greater the significance for them. Brides decorated their bodies as a wedding ritual, and at the birth of a child, the painting made it possible for them not to have to do housework for a few days, thus devoting more time to the child and the husband.



Body painting brought them happiness and blessing. In addition, henna was believed to have healing powers and as a result, it was also used on hair, eyebrows and nails.

TIP: Did you know that you can also use henna on your nails? After using henna, nails are beautiful, strong, attractive and resistant to damage.


Dyeing eyebrows with henna strengthens our hair. The difference in hair density after only 3 treatments. Before and after.

Henna is still a 100% natural dye used to dye our hair, eyebrows and skin. Because henna is a natural color, we cannot lighten hair or eyebrows with it. However, it works very effectively on gray hair, as they do not have pigment and henna is easier to adhere to. Different shades of henna do exist, but all shades are in natural colors like henna itself. Henna will not harm already dyed hair, but quite the opposite.

Henna strengthens, thickens and makes hair and eyebrows stronger. It also prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Dyeing eyebrows with henna rarely causes an allergic reaction, is permanent and does not damage the skin. In addition, the procedure is simple, without major intervention in the skin.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are the frame of the face.
Why wouldn’t you be groomed too? And especially on these beautiful, sunny days.

Advantages of henna in summer days:

  • Daily worries with eyebrow shading are unnecessary. Eyebrow shaping allows you to save time by eyebrow shading for up to 15 days and by hair coloring for up to 4 weeks. This way you will be able to swim carefree and enjoy warm days.
  • Even if we sweat, henna stays on the skin. Whether you’re sweating, swimming in seawater, or swimming in a pool, worrying about messy eyebrows is unnecessary. Henna stays in place regardless of summer activities.
  • With each re-application of henna, we restore the shape of the eyebrows and at the same time strengthen the hairs, which are visibly stronger and denser after a couple of treatments.

    This is just another benefit of our eyebrows, as there is more sun in the summer and consequently more vitamin D – and together they further strengthen our hair.

  • We achieve the desired color by mixing a shade of color tailored to each individual. We adjust the color of henna to the hair, complexion and wishes of each individual.
  • It is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Even at this special time, we want to be tidy, but at the same time we don’t want eyebrow coloring to harm us. Henna is a solution for beautiful eyebrows even then.

Do you want full, lush and perfect eyebrows that stay in place even in the greatest heat?
Then henna eyebrow shaping is the PERFECT solution. ?