Course duration: 1 day

Price: 400 €

Want to try something new and add the latest eyebrow shading technique to your salon in a natural way?

Do you want to provide a quality service with top products?

You will learn all the tricks for perfect eyebrow shaping, and the price also includes an initial set for eyebrow shaping with henna, worth € 175 – which means you can start working IMMEDIATELY! You have a set for as many as 150 applications.

Upon completion of the training, you will also receive a certificate validated by the Supercilium Brow Expert.

What is henna eyebrow shaping?

Henna is a natural color obtained by grinding the leaves of Lawsonia inermis (Henna). Henna is a natural dye used to dye our hair, eyebrows and skin. Henna is famous for the fact that we can create the “tatto” look of eyebrows on a client, because in addition to hair, it also colors the skin. The procedure is simple, painless and without major skin intervention.

The difference between plain color and henna is that with henna we can mix colors according to the client’s skin type, face and eyebrows. So that the colors are mixed individually according to the individual. Henna also strengthens natural eyebrows and makes them stronger. In the long run, a client’s eyebrows are prettier and thicker.

The henna eyebrow shaping course includes:

  1. Why eyebrows matter
  2. Presentation of eyebrow shaping with henna
  3. Workplace preparation
  4. Hygiene
  5. Products and accessories for work
  6. Contraindications / allergies
  7. Zones and shapes of the face
  8. Face measurements
  9. Supercilium color scale
  10. The right color choice for the client
  11. Steps to perfect eyebrows
  12. Accurate display of the process – video + model
  13. Final eyebrow shaping with tweezers / wax
  14. Care after the procedure
  15. Home care instructions

In the course you will also learn how to photograph eyelashes and marketing tips.

There will be enough time for all the questions that interest you and for all the tricks that can make your job easier.

The course takes place individually, you will need 2 models for the course.

The course is conducted by prior arrangement.

This price also includes a manual, a certificate and the mentor’s material is used in the course.

You will get the support of your mentor, who will always be available for any questions.

Registration for the course is possible via info@puella.si or on the telephone number: 040 866 255 (Špela)

You have a city reservation when you pay 20% of the amount. If you cancel your participation at least 14 days before the training date, we will refund your money. Otherwise, the amount of the advance will be withheld. The full amount must be paid at least 1 week before the training date.