Webinar duration: 2 hours (ONLINE)

Price: 100 €

Add a new service to the salon and attract even more customers!

Introducing the ONLINE WEBINAR KIM K , which are currently the most popular lashes in the world and one of the most desired styling.

You will learn all the tricks and details about the perfect Kim K styling!
After completing the training, you will also receive a certificate of successful completion of the KIM K webinar.

KIM K course includes:

  1. Which parties are suitable candidates
  2. How to design ‘spikes’ *
  3. Different types of ‘spikes’
  4. Proper application
  5. Properly made eyelash base
  6. Volume bouquets
  7. Hybrid set of lashes + kim k
  8. Gluing ‘spikes’
  9. Proper orientation
  10. Mapping
  11. Length / thickness of lashes we use
  12. Eyelash layers and ‘spike’ application
  13. Different curves and proper mixing of these
  14. And more .. ?

* SPIKE – long lashes, key to creating KIM K lashes.

DATES: FRIDAY, 27.11.2020 AT 17.00
BLACK FRIDAY ACTION – 30% DISCOUNT, the price is 70 €!

Registration for the course is possible via or on the telephone number: 040 567 084 (Tina)

eyelash extensions carinthia
eyelash extensions carinthia