Why lash stylists don’t want to chat while we focus on your lashes …

Are you one of those clients who really likes to chat during eyelash extensions? Probably the stylist often warns you that it is better to perform the application in silence and to move as little as possible?

Definitely not telling you this because I wouldn’t want to talk to you, but solely for your safety. And of course the perfect final look of your lashes, which you can also help yourself.

Why do we move as little as possible and not chat during eyelash extensions?

Many lash stylists love to talk, but eyelash extensions require a calm hand, concentration and focus. Even if we are quieter and don’t talk, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you – on the contrary, we don’t want you to leave us with red and sore eyes. Therefore, do not take our warnings personally. If so – take them as well-intentioned.

Health comes first!

Here’s also a video showing how restless your eyes are while speaking:

Such eye movements can lead to unwanted complications.

Unwanted abrasions and cuts, due to movement during speech

One of the complications that can happen is that the liner, which we install as a protection for the lower lashes, gets into your eye while moving and can damage the cornea. It can also cause abrasions, due to the movement of the face during speech. The abrasion will not be visible on the entire surface, but it will look like a cut where the lining rubbed during speech. The pain due to abrasion can get worse the next day and last for about 2-3 days.

Inflamed and red eyes, due to evaporation of eyelash extension glue

You can also inadvertently open your eyes while speaking, which is a fairly common occurrence as your eyes are constantly moving. As a result, the vapors of the eyelash extension glue get into the eye and make it very irritating. This will make your eyes red all over your eyelid. This pain and redness also lasts for 3 days.

When two become one and this time it is not pleasant

If the client does not rest during the application of the lashes and moves the eyes, the under-eye liner can also come down lower, which means that the lower lashes that have been protected look out. As a result, the lower and upper lashes stick together, which is very uncomfortable for both the client and the stylist. The stylist then has to separate your lower lashes from the upper ones with tweezers, which is inconvenient for many clients.

umetne trepalnice tretma podaljševanja veka trak za umiritev

Fear, coffee and stress

However, it is also possible that the client’s eyes are restless even though they are not talking. The reason may be that the client is afraid of the procedure (which is otherwise painless) or that she drank coffee before the treatment or is under stress and is nervous. In such a case, you can help yourself by placing a piece of 3m tape on the eyelid, and ‘forcing’ the eyelid to calm down.

Order eyelash extensions in a timely manner

It is important that you do not order an eyelash extension treatment on the last day before major events, but book an appointment at least a few days in advance (4-5 days). To be sure, it is not – if there are any complications that can be resolved in a timely manner. This way you will shine carefree on your big day!


And keep this in mind: eyelash extensions with a professional lash stylist is a relaxing experience where any fear is unnecessary!

I wish you a smooth eyelash extension,

Tina, PUELLA – Lash academy, studio in shop