Our latest Lash Wizard eyelash growth serum from the Flawless Lashes cosmetic line is essential to make your lashes thicker, fuller, stronger and longer. After only 14 days of use, you will see visible results.


Lash Wizard serum is a product of the brand’s founder Loreta Jasilionyte, one of the most influential stylists and trainers in the industry. After years of educating other stylists and trainers, Loreta wanted to create cosmetic products that are accessible to everyone and can be used without unwanted side effects, thus offering natural lashes care without damage or negative impacts.



Have you heard that most eyelash serums can contain hormones or prostaglandins ? Do you know how they affect eyelash growth and what the consequences are after prolonged use. Do you know how hormones affect your eyelash growth cycle?


  1. Human hair (hairs) grow from hair roots and cells that are associated with a protein called keratin make up 95% of your hair.
  2. The amount of keratin depends on how fast the cells move through your follicle. If they move too fast – they don’t have enough time to keratinize, so they move up and become half-empty.
  3. Hair roots get their food through capillaries and it is important to ‘feed’ the roots with proper nutrition during growth. If you feed your lashes with a serum full of hormones, you will drain the blood quickly. Eyelashes that grow very fast and do not have time to produce enough keratin can cause the lashes to become empty and lose strength.

    eyelash growth serum

    Eyelash growth – keratin formation


There are also many serums that contain cariprost – used to treat glaucoma . Your doctor would not advise you to use this medicine every day if you do not suffer from this medical condition and if you are exposed to this ingredient for a long time, you may run the risk of losing your lashes.
Hair follicles grow faster and multiply into cells, but they don’t have enough time to get enough keratin.

As soon as you stop using hormone-based serums, your lashes will start to return to normal length.





Lash Wizard is a high-performance serum created with biotinoyl tripeptide, an ingredient responsible for strengthening the fibers and follicles of the lashes and ensuring that the lashes grow stronger and thicker.

When using our serum, it will not affect your eyelash cycle, even when you stop using it. Your lashes will be strong and full until the entire lash cycle is over (all lashes are replaced in about 90 days).

The advanced technology of the product works by penetrating the lash sac, stimulating the formation of keratin , which accelerates the lashes and helps to repair the damage, while promoting growth.
The precise brush applicator provides a nourishing treatment consisting of essential proteins and vitamins.

Our serum does not contain harmful drugs or hormones, so none of the above complications can occur. The eye serum is not irritating and is also suitable for anyone with sensitive eyes.

Flawless eyelash growth serum or our Lash Wizard is one of the first products on the market to increase eyelash volume and was specially designed for use with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash growth serum is safe to use on both natural lashes and artificial, extended lashes. When used, lashes are visibly healthier, thicker, stronger and shiny.

Serum za rast trepalnicINSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:
Apply eyelash growth serum to a cleansed eyelid, preferably at bedtime. Make sure the area is clean, dry and free of makeup. Apply the serum along the lash line and leave on overnight. The serum is also suitable for eyebrows.

For best results, we recommend that you use the serum every day for at least three months.

The results start to appear after only 14 days of use (depending on each individual).

You can buy eyelash growth serum HERE !

* The serum is odorless, has not been tested on animals and is hormone-free.