What happens in the fall with our lashes and why do they fall out at an accelerated rate?

izpadanje trepalnic zakaj trepalnice izpadajoThis time a few words about why eyelash loss in the fall is something quite common.

Again, it’s that time of year when our natural lashes fall out faster than usual. As a result, artificial eyelashes also fall out with them. This is something quite natural, as the process of changing lashes (as well as hair and fur) is a typical phenomenon for autumn time. This is also true for spring time.

What happens and why eyelash loss in the fall?

In summer, we are more exposed to the sun and the accumulation of vitamin D , which means that it strengthens our eyelashes. As well as making us grow faster because of the heat. The same thing happens with our hair and nails, they are more beautiful and stronger. Vitamin D, which strengthens our hair, hair and nails, also affects the functioning of our hormones.

The fact that eyelashes fall out in autumn is something normal, because of course we are less exposed to the sun and thus our body no longer generates as much vitamin D as it did during the summer. The days are shorter, colder, and eyelash loss is accelerated, as this also leads to hormonal fluctuations. It also weakens our resistance, the air is drier, we are more susceptible to colds, viruses, etc.

What’s going on with our lashes?

Eyelash loss is also accompanied by the appearance of shorter and sparser lashes. Our lashes are visible, of course, but significantly smaller and much shorter. This also means that our false eyelashes will last less time and fall out much sooner, along with natural ones. Eyelash loss is a natural process of eyelash renewal. Our lashes will be renewed in about two months, or within 45-60 days.

Can eyelash loss be stopped?

I recommend that you come to the lash refill earlier (refill or two) and talk to the lash extension stylist and opt for shorter lash extensions instead.

Shorter extensions contribute to the consequent lower weight of false eyelashes, they look thicker – even when false eyelashes fall off, this is less visible with shorter extensions.

Don’t worry – eyelash loss is expected to last until mid-November, later the situation will gradually calm down.

For this time, I can also recommend a lash strengthening serum, which promotes the formation of keratin and natural lashes thicken and strengthen. You can find the serum at THIS link .