Eyelashes made in half an hour? Thanks, no!

More and more customers are coming who want to have a new set of lashes done in one hour or eyelash correction in half an hour.

My answer to this is that lashes last on average somewhere around two hours, sometimes less and sometimes more.

Many times we get stylists from the client answer that they were finished for a new set in half an hour or 45 minutes, which is practically impossible.


How do eyelash extensions work?

On average, it takes up to 15 minutes to prepare. This means that we clean natural lashes really well with cleansing foam , remove all traces of mascara and traces of natural oils and impurities that accumulate above the eyelids and between the lashes.

If it is an eyelash correction, we can add here the removal of overgrown eyelashes, which we have to remove if we want the new set of eyelashes to be beautiful and all the eyelashes to be in the same line.

The cleaning process is followed by the application of pads and, if desired, a mapping of them. It is usually necessary to tighten the eyelid or weigh it down with a micropore .

eyelash extension course

Properly insulated volume bouquet.

Once we have the lashes cleaned and the pads glued under the eyes, the process of eyelash extensions can only begin.

As stylists, we need to pay attention to many factors. First of all, here are the conditions in which we work – air conditioning, radiators and other heating or cooling devices can make it difficult for the glue to work during eyelash extensions, and we must pay attention to humidity and temperature at all times.

When extending the lashes, the stylist must pay attention to the lashes, which she picks up from the ribbon and shapes the bouquet correctly. There is, of course, more talk here about volume lashes. Each volume bouquet is made by hand and on time and we already have a lot of time here.

It is extremely important to pick up the right amount of glue so that no lump of glue forms at the contact between the artificial and natural lashes. If you notice that your lashes are glued together and they can’t be combed nicely, you probably have too much glue. This means that the weight for natural lashes is significantly too much. This happens if the stylist rushes during eyelash extensions and consequently captures too much glue.


eyelash extensions

Improper application of lashes – several natural lashes glued together.

How do you notice that?

When you close your eyes, you must have an invisible contact between the natural and artificial eyelashes, the glue must not be visible.

When a stylist has made a volume bouquet and holds it with tweezers (or a classic eyelash), she must be extremely careful how to place the bouquet or eyelash on the natural eyelash.

It is important to have an insulated natural lash when placing an artificial extension on it, as improperly insulated lashes can cause tremendous damage to your natural lashes.

What does insulation mean?

This means that each natural lash is separated from each other and does not come into contact with the adjacent one. So that each false eyelash has room on one natural eyelash. If you see that you have flushes between your natural lashes, this can be extremely dangerous for the condition of your natural lashes, especially if this is repeated from month to month.

Towards the end of the lash extension procedure, the stylist should check again if all the natural lashes are separated from each other and this can take as long as 10-15 minutes.

fake eyelashes

Improperly insulated natural lashes and too much glue on artificial lashes. The set was done in 20 minutes.

How can you check this for yourself?

Use an eyebrow brush or comb for eyebrows or eyelashes, and if they do not get stuck while combing, keep your lashes nicely separated. If you get stuck while combing, you can have your natural lashes glued together, which can cause permanent loss of lashes.

If you notice that you have holes between your lashes after just a couple of days, the chances of not having all your natural lashes glued are high. This means that the stylist has only glued half, or even less, natural lashes on you, so you will lose artificial lashes in two weeks or sooner.




It is important to have all natural lashes glued, as quite a few natural lashes fall out every day.

Each eye has 90-150 natural lashes. There are about 3 – 5 of them per day.

We lose 21 lashes in one week, 42 lashes in two weeks and 63 lashes in three weeks.

And if we recalculate that you have half of your natural lashes glued on, you are already without extensions in two weeks, so you have to go for correction again and a new set of lashes will probably be needed.

In any case, there may be exceptions with extremely rare natural lashes, which means that the sets are completed earlier, but on average the sets last:

Classic eyelash extension (new set) – about 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours,

Classic eyelash extension correction – 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 and a half hours (two to three weeks),

Eyelash extensions (new set) – about 2 hours, up to 2 and a half hours (maybe 3 hours),

eyelash extensions

The right amount of glue and a nicely insulated bouquet.

Eyelash extension correction – lasts 1 hour and a half (two to three weeks).

Of course, the duration of the set depends on the density of the natural lashes, the density of the false lashes when you get to the correction.

The exception is sets in which the correction is already after one or two weeks and the lashes are still more than half.

It also helps a lot if the client falls asleep and is at peace, so the set can be finished 20 minutes earlier than if we are talking and the client is moving a lot.



I recommend that you find out who you trust your eyes and eyelashes with, because once there is a permanent loss of eyelashes, there is no going back.