False eyelashes fall off after a few days if they have not been well fitted to the client’s natural lashes. Usually this is because they were not well attached to the natural lashes. Maybe because the glue dried too quickly to blend the lashes well. Always insulate natural lashes well first. Then dip a bunch of extensions into the glue and stick them properly to the natural lashes. If the air humidity is higher, apply a larger amount of glue. Slower-drying adhesives also dry quickly at high humidity / temperature, as described in the product description. It is also possible that your client did not follow your instructions for the care of extended lashes. If you use nano mister excessively, it is possible that this caused a shock in the polymerization and the lashes did not adhere well. Because of this, the extended lashes will fall off quickly. This will also happen if the client’s eyes water during the eyelash extension procedure.