Most of our tweezers are handmade. Sometimes you will buy the same type of tweezers as you have already used, but this one will look slightly different. Try to grip the tweezers legs in different ways and at different angles. Every lash stylist has their own way of holding tweezers. Because we know several volume techniques, not every tweezers is suitable for every technique. For the “rocking” or “wiggle” technique, we only recommend tweezers Dumont, however, avoid extreme use of tweezers tips. If you work with different techniques, but still like to use the tip of tweezers, we recommend it Flawless Volume tweezers. If you hold the tweezers lower, it will be right for you too Easy Fan tweezers. Before ordering tweezers, check the tweezers description to see which tweezers are appropriate for the technique you are using. When using tweezers, always adjust the position of your tweezers hand, try to work with different grip strength on the tweezers, and test different grip points on the tips of the tweezers. If the tweezers still do not grip well, contact us.