Choosing the right glue depends on your experience, temperature and humidity in the room. If you work at low humidity, 10 – 50% and you are quick when extending your lashes, we recommend glue Fame. This glue is not thick and you may use it a little more. First insulate the natural lashes, then dip the lash brush into the glue and quickly apply it to the natural lashes. Fame glue dries very quickly. If the humidity in your room is high, use our glue instead JetSet, but prefer a little more than at normal humidity. JetSet Pro is best used at 50-70% humidity, as is Fame, which dries quickly. The higher the humidity in the room, the faster the glue will harden in contact with natural lashes. At high humidity in the air, we recommend that you re-apply the glue every 20 minutes to better adhere the lashes. If you need additional advice regarding our adhesives, contact me at .