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Creamy adhesive remover


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Creamy Glue Remover is a high quality product for removing eyelash extensions. Thanks to a special chemical formula, this remover does not harm natural lashes. The cream remover is suitable for all skin types, even for clients who have sensitive eyes.
The adhesive remover has a creamy texture that prevents it from running into the client’s eye. At Flawless, we like to call it a creamy, risk-free remover.

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1. Install the pad to protect the lower lashes. Make sure the client’s eyes remain closed throughout the removal process.
2. Apply the remover with the applicator directly to the eyelash extensions.
3. Leave the remover on for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the cream to penetrate deep into the glue. You will notice when the extensions start to sag and rise from the natural lashes.
4. Gently remove the eyelash extensions. If they do not go away, let the product work for a little longer. You can use tweezers to remove eyelash extensions.
5. When the extensions are removed, remove the residue of the remover and then the pad. Clean the eyelid with cleansing foam and rinse with water.

During the procedure, avoid contact with the skin and do not allow the adhesive remover to get into the client’s eye.


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