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PULSE adhesive


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Introducing our new PULSE adhesive.

A unique adhesive that works regardless of high or low humidity! And best of all – a drop of glue stays fresh for up to 2 HOURS, which means you don’t need to change it as often and you use less glue!


  • for all professional lash stylists who like to work fast,
  • if the temperature and humidity in your room fluctuate,
  • for those who need a quick-drying adhesive
  • Suitable for classic and volumising techniques (also for too-small lashes – in this case use a little more glue)


Out of stock

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Drying time: 0.5 seconds

Room humidity: 25% – 70%

Room temperature: 20 – 22%

Packed in a 5ml sachet, black in colour.

Once opened, store it in a dry and dark place (never in the fridge), upright and tightly closed.

If necessary, use an airtight glue container. Always clean it with Adhesive Wipes (180kom).

Use open within 4 – 6 weeks, ideally within one month.


Only order and use adhesives if you are professionally trained in eyelash extensions. We are not responsible for the consequences of incorrect use of our products. Once you order the glue, you are responsible for it. Keep it in a cool, dark place. The effectiveness and results of the adhesive vary from individual to individual, depending on the room temperature, humidity and the customer only. It is necessary to know how to alleviate irritation and inflammation, if any

Remove the glue plug and place a lint-free tissue on the dropper. If you mix the glue when the stopper is placed on it, the glue will also stick to what will prevent the packaging from closing tightly in the future; air and moisture can get into the bottle and dry the glue.
Shake the bottle for at least 60 seconds before the procedure. During the procedure, replace with a new drop of glue every 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the humidity in the room. Shake the bottle for about 20 seconds before each drop to mix the pigment well and for the glue to maintain the proper density.

The sensitivity test should be performed on new customers.
The test must be done 24 hours before the procedure. Apply 5 shorter extensions along the lashes on both eyes and leave on for 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, you can use glue and complete the lash extension. The test does not guarantee 100% safety, as a larger amount of glue is used throughout the process.

Once the glue is opened, store it in a cool, dry place. The packaging should be tightly closed and stored in an upright position in the original packaging.


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