Flawless volume lashes thickness 0.07 are available in individual lengths or MIX packs. They are available in the B, C, D, D + or L + tab.
They are used for Russian volume or to create a natural look.


Eyelashes D +

Flawless lash volume SINGLE SIZE thickness 0.07.

They are used for gentle volume or to create a natural look.


L + curl lashes are perfect for clients with drooping or straight lashes!
They are given to anyone who has drooping or downward-facing corners!
L + eyelashes open the eyes, and due to the larger adhesive surface, the durability is even better!


We recommend their use with one of the Flawless adhesives.

Color – BLACK,
Light weight,
Available in B, C, D, D + and L + curl,
Weight / Thickness 0.07.