Better lashes. Lighter lashes. Easy to work with.

Why would I create mega volume bouquets myself, if we have already prepared them?

Save time and money with too many bouquets, as you will be able to make more parties during this time, and at the same time you will be more relaxed and only you will look symmetrical and perfect!

400 volume bouquets in a package. Eyelashes are made by hand, they are not glued, but heat treated.

Do you adore mega volume, or do your customers adore it? You can now offer them mega volume in an easier way. Our premade lashes are made by hand and are easy to wear.

The leg of the volume bouquet is extremely light, so the weight of the bouquet is extremely small and they do not damage the natural lashes.

For comparison: a 4D fan with 0.07 lashes weighs 0.136 mg, and our premade 8D fan has the same weight – 0.136mg!