This blog post was created because we hear a lot of comments lately, regarding the prices of eyelash extension services.

Interestingly, how many people still think that anything over € 50 is too high a price to eyelash extensions. Is that true?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Every stylist has to start somewhere … the initial cost starts with the course itself. In any case, it is important to decide on a quality beginner’s course at the beginning. Soon after, more follow advanced courses , various seminars, conferences … and all this the stylist has to pay for herself. However, one course is not enough. Every stylist who wants to grow with this world decides on a volume course, which requires a lot of practice and knowledge, so there will probably be another one soon. additional course.

Therefore, everyone who wants to stay in touch with the news regularly attends new courses and conferences, probably at least once a year.

In addition, if the stylist participates in various competitions, there are again additional costs.

Then where are the material costs .. Eyelashes, glues, under eye pads, micropores, micro brushes, eyelash cleansing foams , various primers and more. I also include hand and work disinfectants, table mats and more and more little things that apply more than just ‘little things’ at the end of the month.

Every stylist probably has several different glues available. Not to mention lashes , as we know lengths from 4mm to 15mm, at least 6 different curves and almost 10 different thicknesses (depending on each individual).

So it’s not enough to order one box of lashes, but we need as many as a dozen to be able to beautifully style a client’s eye. 😉

If we think about the space where the stylist works and if she does not have the opportunity to have a salon at home, she probably rents it and that is again an additional cost. And not a small expense, rental prices are rising every year, so this is one of the higher monthly expenses. So in the space itself we can add the cost of rent, electricity, heating, utility contribution and, last but not least, the cost of the tax cash register. 😉

Most of our stylists have a salon insured against floods, fires, etc .. and also our work is such that I also recommend that you insure yourself against liability if you haven’t already. Better to do it sooner than when it’s too late for it.

I would also like to emphasize the radio broadcast here. Do you know that it is necessary to pay for this as well?
Many times a customer is quite surprised when I tell her that it is necessary to pay for music in the salon as much as four bills per month !!

In general, heating is applied in the colder months and cooling with air conditioning in the warmer months, as the last thing we stylists want is for our glue not to work due to inappropriate temperature and humidity.

And we are already talking about contributions and taxes. We all know that we have to pay monthly contributions for our SP, which unfortunately are not low.

This payment also includes the cost of accounting and the annual balance sheet of the income statement, and in most cases it is also necessary to pay personal income tax / tax.

To touch on the costs incurred by the promotional material, ie various posters, business cards, gifts that loyal customers receive in December or during the year.
There is probably some other cost that I forgot to mention as I think there is no end to it and no place.

After all, here is our TIME !
Time is money!

And how many hours a day we are in the salon, that we hardly see the locals during the week, our eyes suffer, our spine hurts next to our work, daily exposure to vapors and probably many other consequences of this work.

So dear girls …

Think again – do you find a set of extended lashes where we spend two hours or more just for you, too expensive?

Each has a free choice of where to go for lashes. I do not want to say that a stylist who has a price of € 50 (or more or less) does not work well, well and is not educated. I just want people to be aware of what the costs are in eyelash extensions. A lot of effort has been put into this work, but nonetheless, I often find that people are rude over stylists who are more expensive.

Every stylist knows why it has such a price as it has, it invests in its knowledge and so it is right!

He knows dear stylists – but don’t let others dictate to you how you will work and at what price. If you are too expensive for someone – let it go elsewhere, someone who appreciates your effort and work will decide for you no matter the price.

Not every stylist is for every client and not every client is for every stylist.

Everyone knows best how much effort she put into being where she is now – a successful lash stylist!

Put yourself FIRST!