Eyelash glue

However, eyelash extension glue, such an important thing in eyelash extensions itself, which is crucial in the connection between artificial and natural eyelashes, sometimes does not obey and works exactly the opposite as you would like.

And why is that?

lepilo za trepalnice lepila za trepalnice profesionalni pripomočki za umetne trepalnice salon lash stilistkaWhat happens when the lash glue starts to change, even though you used the same one?

And yes… We’re probably all aware of how hard it is to find that right professional glue, but when you have to pay attention to so many factors that can affect it.

Do you know all the factors that affect eyelash glue? What should you pay attention to, or why does it suddenly no longer work the same as it sometimes does?

There are already a huge variety of adhesives on the market today for professional eyelash extensions and the choice is really difficult .. they can have different consistency, color, packaging or ingredients, but still certain things remain the same. How to shake the glue, what effect the moisture can have on it, the temperature and above all the way of storing the glue even after the glue has been opened once.

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How to properly shake and mix eyelash glue?

Of course, fresh glue is best, but no matter how long you have it in storage or stored before use, it is mandatory to shake it really well before first use. This means not just tilting the bottle left and right, but two minutes of vigorously mixing the glue.

It is important to ALWAYS remove the cover from the glue, as this is the only way to keep the glue clean.

So, remove the lid, put a sponge without a cloth on top (cotton wool or handkerchief glue burns). You can use a special cap to shake the eyelash glue ( available in the online store ) and start shaking it well.

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If the glue is fresh, you need to mix it for at least 2 minutes so that the particles at the bottom mix well with each other, only then will the glue work properly.

If the first drop looks paler, then you haven’t mixed the glue enough, then discard the first drop and mix even harder.

The components may separate again while you are performing the lash extension application, so again, it is important to shake the bottle for at least 20 seconds during each glue change and add a fresh drop to the surface where you are squeezing the glue.

A little blinking during work doesn’t hurt? : P

lepilo za trepalnice podaljšane trepalnice trgovina kje kupiti dobro lepilo za trepalniceWhat about humidity in the room?

Never underestimate moisture as it can do a lot of damage to your effort put into your set of extended lashes.

Humidity is one of those factors that you need to pay constant attention to, as well as temperature.

Each adhesive works differently at different humidity and temperature, so the purchase of a humidity and temperature meter is MANDATORY.

If your humidity is too low for the lash glue you are using, the glue will dry for a longer time. Especially in winter there can be a problem of too low humidity, here you can use glue for lower humidity. You can also use an adhesive accelerator, which allows you to operate the adhesive faster and consequently your work (available in the online store).

If the humidity is higher than recommended for the adhesive, it will dry too quickly. It will either dry out before you reach your natural lashes and you will have to start all over again. Or it will dry too quickly, which means the extension and natural lashes will not be tied properly. This can cause the client’s lashes to fall off in just a few days – of course without natural, which is an awkward situation for you as a stylist because you will have to fix, and also for the client because she will be back after a couple of days.

How to solve it?

Monitor your humidity regularly, as the climate changes, and it is also affected by the space where you work, air conditioners, heating, or just ventilation.

But there are also some tricks to high humidity; add a humidifier to the room, have adhesives available that are suitable for your humidity, and pick up a little more glue before applying the false eyelashes to the natural one.

How to properly store eyelash glue?

In order to keep eyelash glue in the best condition and function, we need to pay attention to it, as it is one of the main factors for successful eyelash extensions, right?

It needs to be protected from various temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Make sure the glue is in an upright container, you can use a container to store the glue, or store it in the included bag.

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The adhesive MUST NOT be placed in the sun, too close to the radiator or stored in the refrigerator.

Make sure it is dark and cool, and also pay attention to the expiration date, as it can quickly become anything but our friend! ?

Remember – we have to get used to every glue when we work with it for the first time, so take your time, get to know the glue, shake it well and then store it properly. Try several different ones and I believe you will find the one that suits you best.