There is a lot of talk about the purity of false eyelashes, but there are still cases where customers do not know that it is necessary to clean false eyelashes just like natural, ie daily, at least twice a day.

For most, that’s pretty logical, right?

Well, it’s not always like that.

There are still cases where clients come to us and tell us that the stylist did not tell them that it is necessary to wash artificial eyelashes with eyelash foam and water. And this has been repeated for some for several years – even 5 years!

Can you imagine not washing your hair for so long with shampoo, but always with just water?

Well, when it comes to washing hair. When we tell a client that artificial eyelashes need to be washed at least twice a day, the question often arises, why?

Ask them if they only wash their hair with water?

And you will come to the conclusion that just as hair needs special care, shampoo or conditioner, so do our lashes.

What happens to our lashes if we don’t wash them regularly?

Blepharitis can occur, but it can cause inflammation of the eyelids, loss of eyelashes and, accordingly, blepharitis should be cured.

umivanje umetnih trepalnic


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by demodex mites. These feed on the fallen skin from the eyelids, dirt and other skin secretions.

It occurs at the end of the eyelid, at the growth of natural lashes and accumulates at the edge. In this case, the false eyelashes need to be removed and the blepharitis cured, but treatment is often difficult as the blepharitis often recurs.

And that’s not all – blepharitis can also have more serious consequences. These can be eye injuries or permanent loss of natural lashes.


However, due to poor hygiene, the durability of artificial eyelashes can also be poorer.

It is perfectly normal for sweat and oils to be excreted from our body. Eyelashes should be washed regularly so that they do not become salty or greasy, which has never been good for artificial eyelashes.
With irregular eyelash cleaning, all this accumulates between our extensions and the false eyelashes fall out sooner.

pena za čiščenje trepalnicAlso, when sweating or swimming in the sea, we recommend that you always wash them with plain water afterwards and wash the salt out of them.

It is also important to wash your lashes in the morning, as we shed tears at night and the tears are also salty.

Make eyelash cleansing your daily routine when you wake up and when you go to bed.

For washing, I recommend our artificial eyelash cleansing foam, which prevents the development of blepharitis or the spread of bacteria and allergies. It is also suitable for cleansing the entire face and makeup residue.

Cleansing foam has also been shown to have other benefits, such as helping with regeneration after microblading or tattooing. The content of tea tree, which has anti-bacterial properties, contributes to this. Eyelash extensions are much more susceptible to the collection of foreign particles (for example, dust, pollen, smog, makeup, dead skin cells, etc.). Daily use prevents the multiplication of bacteria and mites, eye irritation, eye diseases and allergies.