The first week is behind us. The first five non – working days. The first five days of the week we spent quarantined due to coronavirus. It’s hard, but it will pass. Everything passes once and it will too.

I believe that many people ruined the world exactly one week ago. I admit it to me. Why?

Something we had been building for a couple of years collapsed practically overnight.
Is it true?

The more I read other people’s stories, the more I realize that we are all on the same page. All of us who are self-employed were left without a euro of income overnight. We were left without a salary, and we were left with a bunch of obligations that had to be settled every month. No one asks you if you have this month for rent, for other salon expenses, contributions, for home expenses, credit, etc.

Many places where both partners have SP, it is necessary to feed the family and SURVIVE. How to survive with 0.00 € income? This is one of the most common questions among us SPs and small (also large) businesses. So far, not even the state is helping us, so we are left alone at the end of the day.
Worst of all, we have been deprived of the right to work and we do not even know how long the quarantine will last.

While we are closing our salons, in some places the girls work at home ‘on the black’.

Unfortunately, that is the truth.

But, it is HEALTH first.

If it works, try to limit the rental costs as much as possible, turn off all appliances in the salon – from the air conditioning, water heater, refrigerator. Until we know how long the quarantine lasts, everything should be turned off. You do not need additional costs.
With electricity, it is welcome to know that the next 3 bills will be reduced by -20%, which is definitely welcome in this crisis.
If you are renting, try to make an appointment with the landlord to pay a rent or two in installments, depending on how long we will not be working.
It is also extremely important not to accumulate food unnecessarily. I definitely agree to go to the store as infrequently as possible, but still buy within normal limits and really the things you need for several days. Don’t buy things that spoil quickly as no one wants to throw food away.

As for our country and contributions. I sincerely hope that they decide to write off the contributions this week, as the postponement honestly does us no good. However, if there is no write-off, there will be possibilities for a postponement until 2022. I keep my fists up for the country to come to us because it’s a little opposite.

We all know that costs are inevitable, but we can limit them as much as possible.

But what will happen to us after the quarantine is over?

Honestly, I don’t know. Nobody knows.

Customers will return. Probably not all at first, but over time they will.
In a way, a new customer base will be launched. The coronavirus will also have its consequences for us, as there will be an economic crisis in many places and eyelashes and nails will probably not be a priority for everyone.
However, most will definitely want lashes back and get back into their daily routine as soon as possible.
First of all, it is important for customers to be aware that the salon is currently closed. Also, when the green light for the salon opens, let them know. It is important that customers know that the salon is open and that they can book.
In eyelash extensions, it is to be expected that customers will come back without artificial ones. After so many weeks, there may be some false eyelashes here and there, but most will be without.
It’s important for clients to know how to handle lashes now that they’re starting to fall out artificially. So give them clear instructions:

Do not pull out the false eyelashes, do not pull them by force and let them fall off on their own. If you want them to fall off sooner, apply oil on them – coconut, castor oil and leave it to work overnight. Eyelashes will fall out sooner. You can also apply eyeliner or a little mascara to cover the holes of fallen lashes.

I also recommend that you use this quarantine time as much as possible.
The first week is behind us, most probably (finally) rested and fell asleep. Since I know you work most days all day, take this as well. You can be at peace with your family, have all your meals together, socialize and relax. You can finally watch a series you already want, but there was never time, or read your favorite book.

But since we have at least another week of quarantine ahead of us, take advantage of it.

Arrange papers for which there has never been time before, clean the salon in peace, throw away old material that has already expired, or old lashes that you haven’t touched in years.
Bring tweezers and eyelashes from the salon and PRACTICE.
Practice making bouquets, try new techniques, new tweezers , etc.

If you want, I will be happy to review your work – you can send me pictures to, or on instagram / facebook and I will give you some advice. Also, if you have any questions about the work, don’t know how to further enhance the volume bouquets or it’s about anything else, I’m happy to help you.

Use the time to your advantage and get the most out of this coronavirus quarantine, gather strength, because we will have a lot of work to do when it’s all over.


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