Why are extended lashes great for summer?

There are already quite a few beautiful, sunny days behind us, but the most beautiful and warmest weeks are yet to come.

Does it just seem to me that we’re all just waiting all year for those few months of summer, warmer days, and long and carefree evenings? We also wait all year for a well-deserved vacation, whether at sea, in the mountains or somewhere by a river.

To make summer even more carefree, extended lashes are almost a ‘must have’ for warm days and holidays.

They tempt you, but you still don’t know how lashes work in the summer and what are the benefits?

Well, let’s see:

False eyelashes are WATERPROOF!
Yes, that means no more smudged mascara and blackness under the eyes. With artificial eyelashes, you can swim in the sea, pool, lake, etc … wherever your heart desires. ?

To make your extensions last longer, be sure to wash them with fresh (ordinary) water after swimming in the sea and pool. This way you wash the salt and chlorine out of them and the lashes will be beautiful for longer. If you do not have access to plain water, rinse them with plain bottled water. Salt and chlorine corrode lashes, so this action is a must if you want to have beautiful lashes.

Because we sweat more in the summer , whether we play sports or just lie on the beach, sweat affects the durability of makeup and eyelashes. Even if we go to the mountains or on a trip, we can be sure that the extended lashes will stay in place, regardless of sweating.

We also recommend that you always wash your lashes with fresh water if you sweat, as the sweat is salty and can affect the durability of the extensions.

We can create several different stylings with artificial eyelashes .
But when is a better time to create and something new, if not in the summer?

We can create disheveled lashes or the extremely popular KIM K lashes, eyeliner effect and more… no more daily application of artificial lashes from tape to lashes, as today we already have such a wide selection of extensions that we can create anything. ?

Extended lashes survive even such a CRAZY night!
Yeah, right. Whether it’s a night swim or a party until the morning hours, the lashes don’t peel off, don’t smudge, but stay exactly as they are all night, and you don’t have to worry about how you will look in the morning, because we always look tidy with them. ?


laminacija obrvi


However, if you are still more for a natural look, curling your natural lashes is a great choice!
Natural lashes are curled and colored so that the lashes are optically extended and darker, and the effect lasts up to 2 months.

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A few more tips on how to deal with false eyelashes in the summer:

  • Avoid applying sunscreen around the eyelids and eyelashes – creams are usually very greasy and can affect the durability of extensions.
  • In summer, the sun is more vitamin D. This means that our eyelashes, hair and hair grow faster. If necessary, order a correction a week in advance so that you will have artificial eyelashes beautiful, without holes.
  • Rinsing lashes with fresh (ordinary) water after bathing, sweating and other activities is mandatory.
  • For even more beautiful lashes, we recommend the use of lash cleansing foam .

By strictly following these tips, your summer will be carefree, your lashes will always be beautiful and your look will enchant everyone. ?

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