Let’s dispel the myths about extended lashes

Increasingly, we hear questions like, will my lashes be destroyed after an extension? Why do the same lashes look different on me than on a friend? Is it true that I shouldn’t wash my false eyelashes?

In this blog post, some myths and truths about extended lashes.


trepalnice podaljševanje trepalnic dolge zdrave trepalnice kozmetični salon za podaljševanje trepalnicEyelash extensions – myth 1: Extended eyelashes irritate us, are uncomfortable and sting the eyelids

Truth: The process of eyelash extensions itself DOES NOT HURT and should not be uncomfortable. When a stylist applies artificial eyelashes to natural ones, it is almost not felt. Be careful who you entrust yours to eyes!! If you are uncomfortable during the procedure and your eyelids hurt after the application, or you feel a sting in the eyelid and pain, then replace your stylist! If the extended lashes are done correctly, we do not feel them, they do not irritate us and the feeling is as light as with natural ones.

You need to feel relaxed during the procedure itself, many clients fall asleep during the extension, afford to rest and disconnect their brains.


Eyelash extensions – myth 2: False eyelashes destroy our natural lashes when extended

Truth: NO if the eyelash extension procedure is done correctly! This means that your stylist uses proven and quality materials and is regularly trained in the field of eyelash extensions. It is important that the false eyelashes are not too heavy (the thickness of classic eyelashes is especially important – 0.20 is significantly too much for most eyelashes, except for really strong natural eyelashes) or too long compared to a natural eyelash. The stylist must be instructed on what length and thickness of false eyelash is appropriate for a particular client and her natural eyelashes. During the process of eyelash extensions, it is important that your stylist INSULES natural lashes, only in this way can lashes that are in the telogen phase fall out and new lashes grow. Improper eyelash extensions can leave you permanent eyelash injuries !

Of course, we must not forget an important fact – the client should NEVER remove his eyelashes himself, as he also pulls out his natural eyelashes.

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Eyelash extensions – myth 3: All eyelash extensions are the same and look the same

The perfect #flawless combination of different sizes of false eyelashes for the perfect look.

Truth: We know several types of false eyelashes. This means that we have lengths ranging from 4 mm to 14 mm and even more. We also know several types of curves and thicknesses. For volume lashes, we use thicknesses between 0.03 – 0.07, and for classic extensions, we use thicknesses between 0.10, 0.12 and 0.15.

It is important for the stylist to have a conversation with the client and ask her what kind of false eyelashes she wants and tell her what is appropriate given her eyes, face and natural eyelashes.

This means that the extensions of one party will not be the same as the extensions of her friend.


Because even if they have the same curve and length of false eyelashes, it won’t be the same as they look different on every eye and face. One eye is smaller, the other is larger, it has different shapes and that is why artificial eyelashes will not look the same. The number of natural lashes also varies, on which the density of the final look can also depend.

The charm of eyelash extensions is that we emphasize the eyes in the best way with artificial extensions, but we don’t want it to turn out just the opposite, right?

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Eyelash extensions – myth 4: Mascara can be used on extended eyelashes

Truth: NO AND AGAIN NO. First a logical question: Why use it at all mascara, because one of the advantages of extended eyelashes is that you do not have to use mascara. Secondly, mascara and false eyelashes do not go together, so it is important not to apply mascara over artificial eyelash extensions. The mascara glues the false eyelashes and consequently the extensions fall out. We also can’t wash it well, especially if we are talking about volume lashes, where it sticks between bouquets – which are made by hand and a lot of effort is put into them.

eyelash wash foam soap wash eyelash cleanserEyelash extensions – myth 5: Extended eyelashes should not be washed

Truth: This is one of the biggest and most fatal mistakes a customer can make. WASH false eyelashes regularly and at least twice a day! We wash them just as naturally – regularly and without fear.

Extensions will not fall out if we wash them regularly, but just the opposite. If we do not wash them, dirt accumulates on them, and only this greases the extensions and so the lashes fall out faster. There is also a risk of infection – blepharitis caused by impurities.

It is important to wash them with foam designed specifically for artificial eyelashes and never with various make-up removers that contain oils!


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