It’s no secret that this year’s KIM K lashes are an absolute hit and winners among fans of extended lashes.

So different, but still so wearable and so beautiful.
What is the charm of KIM K eyelashes?

Kim K lashes can look natural or their look is striking. We can play with the lengths themselves and adapt them to each individual according to their wishes and requirements.

They are also extremely wearable, which means that even after a week or so they still look natural, as their base is already extremely versatile, thanks to different eyelash lengths.

Well, let’s go back to the beginning.

The first lady of these lashes is of course the one and only Kim Kardashian , after whom the lashes are also named.
And who wouldn’t want to wear eyelashes named after her? Kim made artificial eyelashes ( disposable ) to her liking and we all in the world of eyelash extensions couldn’t resist them either.

Not to confuse you too much – for Kim K lashes there are even more names, such as spiky look, wispy look, rays, etc .. the most famous are of course under the name Kim K lashes / style.

Why are they different?

This is not about a simple eyelash extension, but about that dot on the i in the final look. It is basically a volume extension of lashes (or a hybrid set), to which longer lashes are added in between. That means breaking down that perfect lash line and adding a fuzzy look to them. So – our base is volume, to which we add protruding and longer lashes in between. These longer lashes (called spikes) are key to our perfect Kim K look.


Due to this addition of longer lashes and a lot of preparation for the implementation of the set, the whole set lasts a little longer (it can be 3 hours and more) and is more expensive.
(In our beauty salon you will pay 70 € for a new set of KIM K eyelashes).

But let me warn you – Kim K lashes are not just here and there added longer lashes than we want. Quite the opposite. They are finished to the last detail.

Are you surprised? Look at the picture below.

podaljševanje trepalnic koroška


Each lash and each longer ‘spike’ is accurately thoughtfully added to a particular natural lash. Only in this way do we achieve the symmetry of both eyes and the final product with which the stylist as well as the client will be satisfied.


But is every client suitable for Kim K lashes?
Unfortunately, no. This style makes the eyes bigger, so customers who have smaller eyes will be thrilled with it. It is also great and looks perfect on all clients who have a larger gap between their eyes and eyebrows. It is also an ideal solution for everyone who has droopy eyelids, because in this way we hide them and optically raise or enlarge the eyes. So, overall, there are quite a few suitable candidates to whom Kim K lashes would fit.

Unfortunately, which clients are not suitable candidates for Kim K eyelashes?
These are all those who have large eyes, downward-facing eyes, or extremely asymmetrical eyes.

Do you know that there are different stylings for these eye shapes that can cover up the asymmetry and correct a certain look?

It is also not recommended for clients who already have “by nature” bad and brittle lashes, as longer extensions will destroy the natural lashes due to their weight, which of course we do not want.

Now, however, we can hardly wait for the end of quarantine to be able to start creating KIM K lashes again!

Have you tried them yet? ?

If you are a lash stylist and you are interested in Kim K lashes and you want to add them to your offer, I have an ONLINE WEBINAR KIM K lashes for you! More information about KIM You can get to the webinar HERE or at!