One year ago, our Špela took a step that I never thought would happen in my life.

She left a good job and decided to continue her career as a self-employed entrepreneur. If I ask her today – ARE YOU SORRY? She replies that never, and that this is one of the best decisions of her life.

Wondering why?

Then go ahead and read her success story. ?

Well let’s start at the beginning. My name is Špela and I am a young mother and older sister of Tina. I have always known that education is important in life, but sometimes it is necessary to find oneself differently or on one’s own. Of course, education is no longer the most important factor today, but it is definitely an investment for the future. I also went to school myself and gained valuable experience during college. When I got my master’s degree in management , I knew it was something I would love to do in life. You know, college gives you big hopes, dreams, and motivation to succeed. But the reality is far from it. You first fall on real ground when you graduate.

You ask yourself – what now?

Additional training for KIM K eyelashes.

So, in addition to just enrolling in my master’s degree, I started looking for a job. And I got it – as a waitress, as a ski teacher, and there were a variety of other occasional jobs here as well. Not exactly a job in my profession, right? ?

No matter where I went to work, I made sure I was doing something all the time and getting extra education. As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to have an internship in a company where I could study in my profession.

I had only one goal – to learn the most.

And it really was that way. I learned a lot, worked, gained experience and at the same time wrote a master’s thesis. In the meantime, I became a mother, got a master’s degree and lost my job again. But if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. After maternity leave, I was regularly employed by a company that was in my profession, but I was at work for 9 hours every day, of which another 2 hours on the road. It was not easy. Reconciling work and private life was very difficult. In addition, the pressures at work were greater every day, the work increased each and when you end up with strength you start to wonder. Do I want a life like this?

Above all, at the end of the day, I wondered if it was even worth having the kind of work that made me absent from my family most of the time. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it. At least it wasn’t for me. You get to the point in life where it just doesn’t go that way anymore and you start to wonder – what now?

During all this time, however, my sister has made great progress. She created her own brand and was very successful in the field of eyelash extensions. She is also very successful as a coach and has experienced incredible success as a distributor . She has achieved an incredible amount for such a young person and I am very proud of her.

And then… I remember it like it was yesterday.

At a party for my birthday, Tina tells me, “Spela now, decide whether you’re coming to work with me or I’ll have to start looking for a new girlfriend to help out at the salon.”
Tina has had the need to expand for about a year now and she has been persistently persuading me to try this job and I have been persistently convincing her that this job is no longer for me. That I will be too bored and that I will never lengthen my lashes.

klasično podaljševanje trepalnic

One of the first sets of classic lashes.

Hmm .. Promised bread is eaten the most, right? 😉

And so in December 2019, I decided to attend her introductory course and see how it would go for me. The first impression was just this: “Waw it’s completely different than I imagined.” In fact, it wasn’t that bad at all. ?

This was followed by an exercise, an exercise and another 1x exercise. My models lay diligently for several hours to make the end result beautiful. Of course, a lot of things needed to be improved, but I was proud of my final product. I am aware that without Tina’s support and Tina’s knowledge, I would not have succeeded in this way, but we were both very satisfied. And then the slow acquisition of new customers and getting to know the “eyelash” world began.

After the first model, I already knew I was wrong about everything. The work was anything but boring. Eyelash extensions and the feelings after the client is satisfied were amazing. Thus began my solo journey. In January I went to an eyebrow shaping course with henna, we rearranged the salon into two rooms and in February I already opened my sp Literally overnight I resigned from the company and became a self-employed entrepreneur. Of course, my loved ones had doubts about it. I have to admit, I had them too. But I had to trust myself, my knowledge and of course Tina. I have no choice but to have one focus. I will succeed. And I succeeded … until we had to close the salon in March.
I don’t think I even realized what was going on for about two weeks and I was angry at the whole world.

But there is something good in every bad, right?

Eyelash extensions – I also became an ambassador for the Flawless lashes by Loreta brand.

During this time, I learned how to create posts on social media and most of all, I had time to practice the volume. At Tina’s, I attended an eyelash extension course before the quarantine, and the quarantine was an opportunity to practice making bouquets every day. And so after 7 weeks of closure, I was ready to start volume lash extensions.

Then the work went on, the customers were satisfied and most importantly – I really started to enjoy my work. I started to adapt my workday to my needs, the needs of my family, and despite working more, I now spend more time with my loved ones and have more time for myself. In fact, I don’t even feel like I’m going to work. I am happy with the fact that I go to work every day with joy and that I make other women happy with my work.

If I have always wondered what I will do with my experiences so far, what my education will be, I can tell you that every experience in life has its purpose.

Without the past, there would be no present.

I learned a lot of things and transferred them to my work so far. Even if the form of work is different, certain things are similar. I am grateful for all the experience I have gained over all these years. Without them, I wouldn’t be here and I also wouldn’t appreciate the current work so much. I don’t think there’s a nicer thing than this that you can work with clients every day. I am happy to be able to share the work with my sister as not everyone has this option. Our diversity connects us into unity. My experience from elsewhere and her experience from the world of eyelashes connect us into a great team. He is also aware that this is just the beginning of our common path and that there are still many ups and downs ahead of us. Dreams and hopes are great. Only hard work will lead us to the realization of these.

To all of you who do not dare to take a step forward in life, I say – Do it now! You have nothing to lose. There are no mistakes in life, there are only lessons, have focus, trust in yourself and you will succeed!